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Alvondo Vison……The Golden Touch


We remember the tale vividly about King Midas the wealthy ruler that had acquired the very unique ability to turn everything that he touches into gold. This is how I feel about Alvondo Vinson’s superb pictures and his aptitude to alter each of them into ingenious portraits of art. When engaged in his fine works, you find yourself lost in the dynamics of each piece; from the dexterity to the augmented colors, and poise that his model of choice displays. “You have to love what you do.” Alvondo expresses to us jovially about his appetite for photography. His persona is down to earth, but his passion for what he does is admirable. Alvondo’s selections are as creative as Gyslain Yarhi’s images, and are as captivating as Richard Warren’s bold depictions. There are not any limits to where Alvondo’s innovative eye eludes. His ability to capture still life in the rarest form is an enigma. Alvondo is an epoch photographer that needs no introduction, his superlative prints, speaks for themselves.

Q: What started you on this journey of artistic expression?

A: It gave me peace during the last 3 years that I was in the U.S Army after being deployed to Europe. I continued even after I came back home, and I studied the craft. I never went to school for it. I’m an “experience will always be your best teacher” kind of person.

Q: Do you ever miss Charlotte as a North Carolina Native, or do you think that the QC could provide you a base of operations?

A: I started in Charlotte, and it was great for business, I just didn’t want to live there anymore. I would rather do business than to live there. It’s not a bad thing; I just need my space in the country to be free.

Q: Now that you are in Atlanta, does your clientele consist of celebrities?

A: No. Before I moved to Atlanta, I shot more celebs before I arrived here. I try to shoot everyone as a celebrity; it’s not a money thing. You could be a millionaire and I would still charge what I charge. Honestly, I’m not star struck.

Q: What is your muse when you decide that this is going to be that creative shot, what inspires you?

tay1A: I’ve always been creative. I don’t conform to everyone’s idea of what I should be. I just need someone to go there with me, and if they are willing to be my muse then we are good.

Q: How do your talents set you aside from other photographers?

A: I’m the only one that can see through my eyes and my lens. I don’t try to imitate, and I just do me. I cannot be compared to photographers because I see what I see, and just do what I do.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years with respect to your models and calendar?

A: I already have a published calendar. I would like to see my work in Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, or Vogue in the next five years; I’d definitely love to see that.

Q: What celebrity would you want to work with?

A: I would like to work with Imani. But, I would love to work with Grace Jones. Her style is what I admire the most. Halle berry is beautiful; I like her size, complexion, and her canvas. Her face would be great to make over, and do something exotic with it. I would also like to work with Garcelle Beauvais, (Fancy from the Jamie Fox Show). I shoot males, but I am partial to females because they have more designs to work with, hairstyles, and more options than males.

Q: Give us a brief description of what your firm offers?


A: I give my clients the opportunity to do what they want to do, and see them the way that they want. It’s my passion, so, I want to be open minded and let them be free. It’s no pressure, and no sense of being nervous. If I don’t like the pose, or its not working for you, as a professional, I will tell you. There are many different packages, all that I ask is come as you are, and dedicate an hour of your time to do what you want to do. I offer hair, makeup, wardrobe, and location with the most expensive package. Just be professional at this profession.

Q: Do you have any guidance or words of wisdom that you can offer aspiring models, and photographers?

A: For the models, I would say that the best models have no high self-esteem about them. They have an open mind about long hair, short hair, stretch marks, and will understand that none of these things matter. The best models let the photographer do what he does. Photographers need to keep it professional. Study your own craft as well as the industry. Stay on top of everything, but stay professional.

*As a photographer, the way that a person can spot a true photographer is that a photographer does not need Photoshop. You can use it, but you do not need it as a crutch. Photoshop depreciates the name of a photographer, and you don’t need that!*

For more information and bookings, please contact: 678-661-1021 or, http://facebook Alvondo Vinson, @ AlvondoVinson on Twitter, and Model Mayhem, Alvondo Vinson.

By Tawanda Blake


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