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Arts & Culture: LaDonna Raeh!

The windy city of Chicago births one of the most multifaceted and inventive, professional photographers, and cinematic masterminds that UT has seen thus far. Her works are deep rooted like an old oak tree with permanent origins, with trades ranging from Graphic Design, Marketing and Printing, as well as Film Production. Her moniker is simple, but her creations are extraordinary. When speaking with LaDonna Raeh, her personality is modest and exultant. However, underneath her persona, an instinctive artiste is waiting to emerge, seizing life in the palm of her hands with finesse. She is fervent about her craft like a mad scientist, and sees the quintessence of being through her third eye in the form of a camera lens. When asked the question, “Why did you decide that this was going to be more than just a hobby?” LaDonna answers assuredly, “I feel that photography is art. I have a different way of seeing things from everyone else, and I have a very hard time with verbal expression. But, I can show them through photography my vision without words.” LaDonna Raeh’s passion for her métier surfaces in her work, and is similar to the famous photographer “Annie Leibovitz”. Her black and white photos capture uninterrupted innocence, purity at its best. The dexterity in her colored prints is so intense, signifying that all of her work is showcased- fine art. Not limited in her craftiness, and aside from LaDonna Raeh photography, she is a Radio Host of a flourishing Blog Talk Radio segment, “Life and the Public Figure”. Her fragment focuses on day-to-day people, their struggles, achievements, desires and so much more. LaDonna Raeh has interviewed Motown legends such as Dionne Warrick, Karyn White, Full Force, Lenny Williams, Johnnie Gill, James Anderson, Levert, Shelly, Garrett, and Cheryl Pepsi Riley. She has featured many other phenomenal artists, and people on her show including, Conya Doss, Chrissette Michelle, J. Ivey and Mos Def. “I can only give these people my earnest gratitude, they helped pave the way for so many like myself”, LaDonna speaks passionately about her previous experiences. LR Media group is an “All things media” corporation that has a team of specialist that gives your company a professional presence that appeals to your target audience. LR Media Group Radio is already at 50 shows and moving in the barracks of “Life and the Public Figure” cruising like a steam ship steadily ahead.
Q: What other designers and models have you worked with in the industry?
A: The designers that I have worked with are the Double Stitch Twins, K- Fleye Designs, and House of Tem. They are a phenomenal group of people to work with. Most of the artists that I have done creations with are Chicago based, I recently completed a photo shoot with Conya Doss. That was such an amazing experience. The initial location was too fluffy and bright. I went out early that morning with the location scout, and we found the most grungy and dusty place I could find.
Q: When choosing a backdrop or remote location, how do you decide that this is the award winning shot? What do you visualize from your models that make these locations so alive and daring?
A: It depends on the subject matter; I need them to stand out, their skin tone, clothing, and contrast. I love working with contrast, but there has to be a separation of model, and background. The theme of the shoot is very important, for example, you wouldn’t take a clinician to a railroad track for a photo shoot. If the scene were grungy, I’d take them to an untapped place.
Q: What are some of the complexities that you face in the industry as a female photographer?
A: Being a female photographer is difficult in today’s society. I have two dialects, authority, and my compromising tone. If it’s out of control or the entourage is out of control, I then get into my authority tone, and address the model, “You, look at me!” I then speak firmly to the entourage, “You are here to support, not direct!” When I’m softer, they try to bring their own personalities, not realizing that I have my own too. I meet with the clients first, and no matter what I say, they always want to see more. I understand that, and they have every right too. So, I give them more.

Q: Where did you get your start in the field of broadcasting, and how does that trickle over into your art, or love for photography?
A: I wanted to create a platform for clients to advertise on at an affordable rate. I developed a platform that would allow them to be on-air and get out to the masses. Being an on-air personality was my dream. I learned so much from June Philips, and now I have my own radio show.
Q: You have so many creative niches; can you describe to us what an average day is like for you?
A: My morning starts at 2am in the morning when I wake up with an idea. I sleep and get back up at 6am, check emails as well as Facebook, I stay on top of social media. I check my calendars so that I know what’s coming and can prepare for clients. After attending Lisa Gee’s boot camp, I now have my marching orders and everything in aligned before I get to my studies. I get a lot of work done, and meet deadlines.
Q: Today’s music, what do you see that you bring to it?
A: I have the art of empowering, I came single parent home. My mother improvised everything from our living arrangements down to the clothes that we wore. I don’t get upset or cry over spilled milk, I improvise. My segment is a talk show, and I play music from the artist that I’m interviewing. I’ve learned that I don’t want my optimism to be close minded that I can’t hear the beauty in someone else’s music. I bring flexibility and the art of adapting. I her music for what it is.

Q: If you could work with anyone, who would it be? Why?
A: Angela Bassett, I can say that before you can even get your sentence out Saying her name, I am almost in tears. I have such admiration for her. My career would be complete if I worked with her. I know that she is underrated, but it doesn’t matter to her, and it doesn’t matter to me. She is confident in who she is a true winner in the industry.
Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
A: In five years, I see myself with a studio and a school because I love to teach. I want to reach people in multiple cities, and teach them all that are interested in photography so that they know where to start.

Q: Is there anything that positive that you would like to leave with your reader, and fans?
A: I live by this quote, “In order to experience greatness, you have to get started”. I am still getting started, I love what I do, but now, it’s time for me to started teaching.

For more information on LaDonna Raeh’s Blog Talk Radio Show, videography services, or her wonderful world of photography, please visit: http://www.lrmedia-group.com.

For Press/Media, contact: Lisa George at info@connectingyouto.com


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