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Gavin Clairmont’s “The Seven Lamps of Inspiration”

Keysha J Hall

Cover art by
Dmitri Brereton

Gaiven Clairmont is a man of faith living his dream and using his God given talents to inspire hope in people across racial, political, and social-economic divides. The Trinidad and; Tobago native is a former Mathematics and Physics teacher who has created a winning formula for writing and has blessed his global fan base with a new book for the holidays entitled The Seven Lamps of Inspiration: A Spiritual Anthology. This is a departure from his usual erotic writing, but a joy to read nonetheless. Filled with quotes, poems and short stories written during his journey through life, which shed light on the lessons learned therein. He states, “This book was written to inspire people to pursue their dreams and achieve greatness.” Each lamp has a specific focal point and message, and forces you to take a hard look at the life you’re living and the choices you’re making. It’s not a self-help book, but rather a guide to encourage you to find your path, utilize your gifts and tap into your hidden potential to achieve greatness.

Urban Tymes caught up with Gaiven to discuss his new project, future plans, and what sets him apart from the rest of the pack.

UT: What was the inspiration for the book?
GC: There are lots of different inspirations for this book. Some of the writings itself were influenced by several Will Smith videos which I think are very empowering to the heart and soul. But I was inspired to do the book on a whole because I think people on the whole need to be inspired. They need to know they can achieve their dreams regardless of where they come from. They need to be able to believe that anything is possible once they have faith in it. I just want to see humanity on a whole achieve its potential.

UT: How did you come up with the title?
GC: I came up with the title because I wanted a powerful title that conveys the messages of light, hope and the immortality of the human spirit.

UT: You’re a man of many talents, so what other projects do you have in development for 2013?

GC: Thanks so much for the compliment my dear. Basically it’s just a plethora of books. I want to write more inspirational fiction, but I will have novels in other genres as well, like street fiction, romance, young adult, etc. Also, I want to do more inspirational videos like the one I did for The Seven Lamps of Inspiration. But that’s what I have for now. In the future though I would like to go into song-writing and the film industry, but when God is ready for me to make that step.

UT: What sets you apart from author authors?
GC: I think because of my style, it’s very poetic and soothing. Despite having written erotica before and the intention to write street literature, I keep profanities at a minimum and I try to impart something deep in the readers of my work; some type of lesson, something inspiring regardless of the genre I write.

UT: What advice do you have for aspiring authors?
GC: Don’t give up, believe in your faith, hustle hard and also read a lot. You can’t be a good author unless you’re a great reader.

UT: What do you want to say to your supporters?
GC: Without you there would be no me. Keep up the support; this is still the prologue of the book of my life.

As the end of 2012 draws near and we look ahead to the New Year, we’re making resolutions for change for a better future. Gaiven’s book is just the ray of light needed to inspire you on your journey to greatness.

To purchase your copy, visit http://www.amazon.com

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