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Pastor Sammie Wagner- Let the Healing Begin! Pt 2

We recently visited the New Foundation Church on 7631 Sharon Lakes Rd. Suite E, and spoke with Pastor Sam Wagner, regarding his spiritual views, methods of edification within the church, and his love for Christ. Pastor Wagner’s insightfulness was so gaping that we decided to share more of the story with you, taking you further inside his mind as he gives us his insightful thoughts on the present era of preaching and teaching the word of God.
Recap: “It was never God’s intention for people to die, be sick, and be in lack, never growing old, or separated from Him spiritually. The scripture say’s “there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God.” He loved us from the beginning. It was never his intention for us to go through the hardship and turmoil’s of life. But, because man disobeyed in the beginning, He came up with a plan of salvation to bring man back into the proper spiritual alignment in the risen state in Jesus Christ verses leaving us in the fallen state by Adam transgression. When all people come into knowing why God wants us to live and operate in the risen nature; we will live a long life that satisfies us verses a short life that dissatisfies us.”

Part 2: “We need to do everything in His Will because everything He commands is a commandment. There’s nothing suggestive about what God says whatsoever. It isn’t a suggestion; a suggestion is “I think you may need to do this”. No, it is a commandment. “You need to do this for your own good”. So, when we do things that God tells us to do. We are going to benefit from them. That’s why it’s important that you are under the leadership of someone who is disciplined and whose obeying the Lord. If you are under someone like that, I’m talking about a Pastor, you are under a submitted vessel who’s given their lives to the service of the Lord and they should be obeying everything that God has told them. Then the church body is going to benefit from it. You see that from the illustration of the children of Israel when they benefitted from Caleb and Joshua report as being their leaders. You can’t say that about the other ten leaders because they came back with an evil report against what God said initially. I think some people around the nation and the world should probably know if they are under the right leadership when it comes to dealing with their faith walk in Jesus Christ. The only way you will know this is when you know God’s voice for yourself. God said, ‘’ I’ll give you pastors after my own heart”. So, that means that if God did not speak to you and say that’s your Pastor then you maybe in the wrong place. Or, if God is not speaking through the pastor that you are under, you may need to examine yourself and too see if it’s a truly called ministry versus an “Ishmael” ministry. An Ishmael ministry mean’s someone who thought they’d help God along by starting a ministry out of season. Now, you have an Ishmael ministry that doesn’t have the blessings of God on it to operate and handle the needs of the people because it started before he ordained it. The ministry will look like it’s of God, but there is no power to produce tangible results in the lives of the people. We have many ministries out here; if you look around they are popping up on every street corner. Alot of them are called by God to minister but some of them are doing it out of season and some of them are in rebellion of not being submitted under a spiritual covering which helps guides them in ministry, I heard some say “Well I can hear God for myself and I don’t have to listen to my pastor; I’m going to start my own thing”. Anyone can start a ministry, but the question is, do you have God’s Grace and the blessing from your former pastor to start it and do you have the anointing to change the lives of God’s people? If you don’t have it, time will tell, if there is no change in spiritual growth within the community. Anything that starts out of order, it will end in disorder. If the members are showing up with disorderly problems even after the word solution has been given then you might have a dilemma when they don’t see the change happening in their lives. What could take place is that some pastor’s find themselves shutting the doors of the church because they are frustrated because they have done all they could and now they are experiencing burn out not realizing they are out of season and now they are questioning their calling. I’m not saying that’s the only reason other than being involved in some type of sin that may shut the doors of the church. I really believe if God called you into the ministry, there is no such thing as burn out. If you are burnt out then you are disconnected from God. Having a relationship with the Lord and the Holy Spirit which is fire should stir you up. So, when I hear pastors who speak about being burnt out, that means that he/she is disconnected from the source. I’m not saying that you won’t have troubles or things coming at you to test your patience doing the trying times of ministry. But, if I am connected to the Holy Ghost, that is fire. He is going to help purge me to make sure that my outward man, the one that sometimes feel the effects of the challenges, don’t give up and quit to the demands of the challenges but stay girded up within Him, which is the truth that is able to get through the challenges.
Preaching Versus Teaching:
He gives us what we call the fivefold ministry gift according to Ephesians 4. He gave us the Apostle, the Prophet, the Evangelist, the Pastor and the Teacher, all for the edification and perfecting (maturing) of the saints. God has blessed me with all five gifts. So, I can teach and preach the message in a way that you can grasp and understand it. Also taking the message outside of the four walls of the church to all the nations is how God showed me my life from the beginning until now. My journey begins in United States Marine Corps and then becoming a North Carolina State Trooper for the past 16 years only to retire early to pursue full time ministry. If you look at my 20 years of public service dealing with people, that is a ministry experience by itself. He was using me to teach others then. I stayed on the teaching path because I really want to help people to grasp it and say, “You know what, I’m not strong in the faith as you are, but this helps make sense to me. We have to teach it where it relative to them, to get them away from relying on the seeing things first before relying upon Faith, which doesn’t appeal to the senses when reading or trying to apply it. The bible says in Hebrews: 11:1, in the “Amplified” Version, it says that faith does not appeal to the physical senses. Most people who try to make sense of the bible will not grasp it. But when it is conceived spiritually it becomes deposited in your spirit and it will help you understand things from a natural perspective as far as the sensory mechanism is concerned, and it will help you put things into proper spiritual perspective. So, you won’t walk as a mere man or woman. You will now walk by the spirit of God seeing things that are out of order and having the ability within you to help put things into place. You may not be the one, who can put everything in place, but He will put you in connection with the right person or people to help put those things in place. You may become a spiritual mentor to them by spiritually pouring into the mentee you are helping them to become prepared for the assignment to bring about that change that God showed them that is needed. A pastor is not the only one that makes a ministry successful even though they are a part of the major component of it; the success is measured by the level of the change that it is happening to the people. When we do things in the Will of God and not of our own then we will see results. That’s why Jesus always said, “I’m not here to do my own Will but I am here to do the Will of my Father. He was trying to show us that even though He was operating as a man, He taught us how to do it to please the Father. That is our example, that’s who we are supposed to follow. It’s necessary that we can learn from the disciple’s successes and mistakes, but really if you want to learn something, and how the disciples were successful; then you must follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. You will never go wrong. You will always operate in the truth, you will always operate in the power, and you will stay free from the deceptive ways that is so complex and so intertwined in this world. If you make a mistake it’s a mistake the first time then afterwards you are in error. The world system of things will get you so confused when you don’t know the truth. If you stay in the truth, you’ll stay free from that. We have at my ministry what I call; “Word on Wednesday” (Bible study) it is called the W.O.W factor. It’s entitled that because I want you to be wowed when you leave here. It’s interactive, I want to ask you questions because I want to be able to help you apply it to your life, and at the same time, I want to see where your faith level is. Anyone that is a believer needs to know where his or her strengths and weaknesses are. You don’t want to put someone in an area where they are weak and they end up losing the fight or the battle. You will take someone who is weak in faith and help strengthen them so the enemy will not see where the weaknesses are in the ministry which keeps us in the unity of the faith. But, if I am putting members who are weak in faith in areas that they don’t have the faith to do the assignment, I’m going to fail the mission. I’m looking at everyone’s level of faith in our ministry. Whether it’s a member or a visitor, I don’t just want my members to be affective and strengthened in the things of God; I want to help anyone that steps foot through the door of this church to become strengthened in the faith; so that they can go back and affect where they came from, so they can become strong. We are working on a “Women with Wisdom Ministry”, and this is led by my wife Lady Dr. Rico Wagner. It teaches women in accordance to Proverbs 31, becoming a virtuous woman who has wisdom. “That’s a major ministry that I believe everyone woman should be a part of. To me, a woman is the one who carries creation within her womb. If she really understands her important role in the church and being in “submission” is not being a slave but it means understanding your role by honoring God where he has currently placed you. God will exalt you because you have a willingness to go along with what He is commanding for you to do. This will help the ladies both single and married to operate in the wisdom of God and conduct their personal affairs in life. Whether they have a job, or they are a business owner, or whether it’s parenting with their children, they can produce wisdom results in their life. We are starting a children’s ministry, because I think that children should be trained up in the word to show them the way that they should live; so that they won’t depart from the ways that they have been taught. When ministering to parent’s about being examples of the word with their children it helps the family and helps makes parenting a little easier; and the children won’t try to resist change. Another ministry that I am looking to start is a marriage ministry. We believe that our marriages have been under attack for at least the past five years, but the real attack started the in the Garden of Eden. We just haven’t seen the real adverse affects of it until now. I’m not a pastor that preaches to condemn gay marriages but I don’t condone it. I’m not going to be an antagonist that’s running around holding up picket signs protesting against them. God didn’t tell me to do that. I want to preach to them about a true union of marriage. God told me to operate in the truth and show love to them by helping them if they are willing to change from their ways, become saved, and follow out the plan of salvation, they can have a successful marriage but it won’t be with someone of the same sex because that’s an abomination to God. But, when people are talking about the abominable sin out of proper context they are speaking from themselves which is not the love of God. Then it makes someone who is Gay or Lesbian to become resentful towards the church and reject God all together. Now the church is looked at as bigots operating in hatred when we are supposed to teach in the love of God but conveying it in a judgmental way. There is no profit in that for the Lord and you are definitely not profiting by telling others, which it’s wrong to judge. We are outside of the Will of God which leaves room for Satan to come in to steal (the word), to kill (hope) and to destroy (purpose). When I talk about marriage, I am specific about it being between a man and a woman because that’s what The Bible says. I teach it according to what the word of God says, and I stay in the love of God so that I won’t judge someone for their sins. I’m not judging anyone to Hell nor do I don’t want anyone including myself to go there because that’s not where Our Heavenly Father wants any of us to go. If people are not teaching according to the word, they are not led by the Holy Spirit. They are teaching out of self on what they think you should know versus being a spirit led minister of the gospel which is important to your walk of faith. This means that you do exactly as God tells you to do, and you won’t be out here doing what you think God wants you to do. There is a difference. You can get to the point to where you are so busy doing things for God and never accomplish the Will of God for your life. We have many people out here busy doing things with the “Martha-Mentality”. In the Bible, Mary who decided to sit down at Jesus’ feet to listen to him teach while Martha was busy doing other things. Martha got so frustrated with Mary because she was sitting while she was doing everything when she should have been sitting as well. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t operate in servant-hood work but there is a time when we need to sit and listen to feed our spirit. Had Martha understood what Jesus was saying, she would not have been so quick to persecute Mary because she decided to listen. God doesn’t want us to get so busy doing things for Him, only to find out in the end that you never really did anything for Him, it was all you. Don’t get too busy serving the Lord that you lose natural perspective. This is what I call being so heavenly minded but no earthly good. You don’t ever want to be in that position and that’s why I maintain balance in my life. We have a few other ministries that we are going to start here, but it’s all in due time once the ministry grows and people can get in their right perspective roles when God releasing me to give them their assignments. At that time, there will be other ministries that are going to start here. I have a “Men of Valor Ministry” to show men how important their role is because they were created first. I’m not saying that they are superior to woman by no means. However, a lot of men don’t operate in their character or in their God given role. They operate in what they have known from their upbringing and what they have been exposed to, and they maybe operating out of their true character. To me this is a frustrated place to be as a man in nature. By being frustrated, you are going to do things against natural and spiritual law; and these things will get you locked up. That’s why all of our men are locked up now because they were frustrated and never learned who they are. So, our “Men of Valor” program teaches them how to operate with integrity according to the truths of the bible, helping them to help other men too live according to the truths of the bible by showing them. They do this by being examples to follow. There is a difference between showing and telling, instead of giving out a whole bunch of information and expecting them to know what to do with it. I want to help them apply it so they can see the natural and spiritual change in their lives. I’m really focusing on the marriage ministry because that’s another assignment the Lord has given me. I like ministering to married couples to witness the experience of change in their lives from the first session to the last session and some of the couples don’t even want it the sessions to end. Do you want to know why? It’s because of teaching them what the Lord says about marriage; so they won’t have any wrong way of thinking or perception, they’ll know the truth and not just what someone has told them. I am in the process of writing a book, I have some wisdom keys that I have wrote in my phone for the past 3 years. The book that I am going to be writing soon is “How to Protect Yourself Against Friendly Fire”. This happens to people who had an allegiance with you and is now standing against to oppose you for some reason. This happens in the church a lot when we are persecuted by our own and it is not always the devil.
Words from Pastor Wagner: “Examine my life”, and in order to examine my life and not be a person of scrutiny, you must know the word of God. When you know the word of God, you will know why my life is the way that it is. I want to share my life. I don’t want my life to be a recluse. Meaning that I’m so far away that I’m unapproachable to people. We got people that are like that in ministry now that you have to go through so many echelons of people to petition your request before you can see them. I don’t want to be a person like that. I want to be a person that if someone has a sincere problem and they need sound wisdom and advice, if the Lord is willing and I know He always is, He will use me to help them get out of the situation that they are in. We all have challenges small or large, I thank the Lord for the wisdom that he gave me and if anybody whether it’s an elderly person or even the smallest person with little to no understanding was to ever have a problem and they approached me about it, I would never turn them away. If it’s important to them, it’s important to God, and if it’s important to God, than it’s important to me.
Words from Church Members:
Makeeba Jackson:
I think I’ve become a better person. There were some things that I have been going through that he has helped me with understanding and correction, and that’s why I call him my accountability partner. I’m learning who I am and coming into the real Makeeba now.
19- year- old church member Ebony:
I’m excited, and I come with expectations and to get a word from God.
15-year-old member Kayla:
I think the events could benefit young girls and older women to stay together and help the community with other young girls in the community who are not here.
Dr. Rico Akiva Wagner:
We truly believe that New Foundation church is a church like no other. We want it to be relevant and relational. We want everybody to stand on the word of God throughout any situations that they are going through and put Him first, and know that all things will come.

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