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When I got the chance to meet with the  dynamic duo of Bout Dat Life Radio, I couldn’t pass it up. The flavor and energy that these two set off is contagious at best. Each time we’ve ran into them at events, they are live and  greet you with positive vibes!

Sitting with them in the station, you can see that the chemistry works, playful at best, but real altogether. Each time they feed off each other as though they planned it, but from our interview and even afterwards, they tell us, “its real!” As  Andre (Dre Tha Official ) Vaughn tells it, “Man we mess up sometimes on air, but hey, we’re real people!” “We want the listeners to know that this is what they get, down to earth and all.”

When I asked them how did this come about, their reply was instant. “It’s a movement we provided to independent artists, “ say Dre. “We play music, not only from the Charlotte , area, because that’s where I’m from, but music from all over.” “Matter of fact, we’re nicknamed, “The Nation Station” he laughs. “Because we play music from all over.”  Instantly Megan (Round Da Way Pooh) Grey chimes in. “We try to be as down to earth, positive, and stay community involved. We can’t never forget the hood!” she laughs. “But we can be in the hood, then in an upscale event as well.”

March  20th 2013 marked a year for the  dynamic duo and with that milestone Dre noted several areas that they’ve                    accomplished.   “We’ve g. ot a strong website up, and stories posted. But I must give props to Pooh on the site, she got it going! Or else she might get mad!”

“Whatever!” she says.

Looking at the site, you can tell that they keep up with the latest goings on in entertainment. The last post I read during press time was the apparent drama going on during the Real Housewives of Atlanta show. Give props to Pooh during the interview, she immediately shared that it was Dre who took lead on that one..which resulted in more laughs during this interview…

When asked about the most live guest they’ve had on their show, both chimed in on the multitude of guests that have come in, one thing leads to another, then freestyle raps take over the session and the energy is hyped up. “We like to let the people know that we are here” states Dre. “ We chalk it up to the experiences , and things that are happening live!”

Pooh then shares with us the most memorable time during a show, was when they interviewed their first mainstream artist. “It was when we were first starting out,  getting into radio, and we were going through the whole process of emailing, phone calls, and confirming times to get an interview set up. When we finally got Yo Gotti confirmed and on the radio, during the interview he was so cool and giving us our props as well. He really enjoyed it, and we said, WE GOT HIM!”

Needless to say, our interview with these two was on point, as we talked more about plans for an upcoming community cookout they will hold during the summer, various projects and events they will host, and of course, their unique vibe and on air flava they have.

My suggestion, check out Bout Dat Life Radio  featuring Dre Tha Official and your girl Round Da Way Pooh, every Mondays and Wednesdays from 7pm to 9pm  on   http://boutdatliferadio.com/about

An in their immortal words …4RIAAAA!!!!


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