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Is There a Mixologist in the House!!!

Antonio in actionOur resident Food and Beverage Expert JR Holt sits down with Antonio  Lai  to get the 411 on this unique method of drink presentation!!

JR- How did you get started in Bartending and where did the “Multi-Sensory Mixology” begin to take shape for you?

Antonio- At the age of 18, I was a waiter and found the in-house bartenders were really cool jiggling the bottles.  I made a request for an internal transfer to work behind the bar and became a bartender. I began to get addicted to Multisensory Mixology after discovering a book named ‘Bar Chef & Molecular Mixology’ by Dario Comini when I was in Italy 5 years ago.  Although the book was in Italian, it did not put me off but the opposite.  Through online   research, self study and experiment I managed to master the basic and kept going to learn more by travelling/   sharing ideas with mixologist around the world.

JR- How would you differentiate Molecular Mixology to Multi-Sensory Mixology?  Are the two synonymous or is there truly a difference?

Antonio- Everything is made by a molecule and to me, molecular mixology uses scientific approach to create a drink whereas Multisensory Mixology delivers a drinking experience which engages all five senses.

JR- For the Novice Consumer, what should they expect from a facility that features this style of bartending?

Antonio- Offers a wow factor, to experience quality cocktails that they would remember and not only a drink.

JR- For the Novice wanting to explore this genre of Mixology, what advice would you give them to prepare for this new world of exploration?

Antonio- The taste of cocktails must always come first and wow factor second.  By using the Multisensory Mixology methods, we should be able to create a better cocktail in terms of taste and aroma.

JR- As a business owner, do you use this style in all of your properties, or in just a few of them?

Antonio- The concept and methods are implemented at both of my two venues.  Our core objective is to build a good standard of cocktail culture.

JR- For the managers who wish to expand their bar programs, what advice would you give them on how to introduce this to their staff and the ownership?

Antonio- Must prepare information and fact findings first. Apparently, majority of the top awarded bars around the world uses Molecular Gastronomy, for instance, Purl bar and 69 Colebrooke Row in London; Booker& Dax in New York.

JR- What are the significant drawbacks to this style of bartending?

Antonio- The basic knowledge of science, equipment, food pairing, palate and everything related.  Mostly, the passion!

JR- Are there any major events coming up on the horizon that you will be teaching or competing in?

Antonio- Being invited to be the guest mixology in Kuala Lumpur in late August and in Moscow in October (+ seminar).

JR- Several of our readers may wish to try this at home to liven up their parties, what are some key precautions you would advise before pursuing this endeavor?

Antonio- Get the molecular starter kit and play as a scientist.  Always remember to be careful what you are mixing and must use fresh ingredients.

JR-. If I remember correctly you are also an author…what are the names of your books?  And is there a favorite one among them?

Antonio- ‘Multisensory Mixology’ a collaboration with FINDS, bar & restaurant, the very first book released in

English language worldwide.  ‘Addicted to Multisensory Mixology’ is a continuation

and published in 2012.  Honored to have both titles to achieve the Gourmand Awards in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

The 1st publication was an introduction to the topic and the 2nd book covers in greater depth with step-by-step demonstration.  Both are my favorites!

JR- Thank you sir!!!

Antonio- My Pleasure!


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