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VH1’s Tiffney Cambridge

tiffneycambridge2The proposal: Oct 2011, while down on bended knee at the Frank D. Parent Elementary School in California, Hip-Hop artist the Game (Jayceon Taylor) proposed to his long-time girlfriend, and the mother of his children, Tiffney Cambridge with TMZ media filming the tender request on tv. This was a moment of enchantment, talk about taking the wind out of your sail! The spectators, witnesses, and viewers could only hope to experience this type of romance in their functioning relationships, or even in a lifetime. It’s not an everyday gesture that a man wakes up with this grand scheme to propose to his sweetheart at her job with family and friends watching, all the while having the incident televised. I mean, isn’t this absolutely dreamy? Who cares about ABC’s series of the Bachelor, and Bachelorette? This affection that Jayceon and Tiffney share is a benevolent and authentic love that deepened between two kindred spirits, maturing over a seven-year stretch. Of course, with the bolt from the blue proposal came the excitement, and you know with news like this, it spread like a wildfire throughout the schoolhouse where Tiffney worked full –time. The stir, shook the shoulder of everyone within the vicinity, and extended wall to wall through the building. Women everywhere glued to the television in that instant could feel the shock and awe on her face, as she stood very still letting out a flabbergasted gasp. “Yes!” She choked out the words that made hearts liquefy across the United States. Being a witness to this quixotic event was as moving as “Jessie, and Angie’s saga on the 80’s episodes of General Hospital. The difference between the two shows is that Jayceon and Tiffney’s love is sincere. To sum it up in nutshell, we had no other choice; it was then that we as a nation fell in love with the extraordinarily beautiful debutante, Tiffney Cambridge.

Who is Tiffney Cambridge? I think that I wear a lot of hats. I’m a mother and a teacher.  I’m a down to earth young woman who’s just trying to navigate through her life. I try to be inspirational and motivational to my children that I teach, my children that I have, as well as the women that I’ve encountered. I’m a woman of God, and I’m a woman of strong character. That’s how I would describe myself.

As far as “Marrying the Game”, what are some of your most favorable moments on the show? I think I like the part where Jayceon was putting forth a lot of effort. He reconciled our friendship trying to get our relationship back on the right track. I think that I appreciated the effort that he put forth. I think those are my favorite days and scenes.

Give me one of those “Okay, get out of my face, cameras off, I need a glass of wine!” moments. One of the times when we were talking and I asked, “What are some of the things about yourself that you think you need to work on?” and he said, “Nothing, I’m perfect.” I could’ve slapped him at that time. It was a camera’s off moment at that moment.

Being married is every woman’s dream. How difficult was it for you to call that wedding off? It was extremely difficult like you said. It is every woman’s dream. But, I think even more so than that, it’s every woman’s dream to be happily married. So, I had to consider that it was more than just a wedding day. Marriage is for a lifetime. I just wanted to take a step back and make sure that what we were doing was going to last longer than just that day, and we would last a lifetime.

You have a very relatable persona. Have you ever considered modeling? No, I think I’m kind of short. Actually, I’m kind of shy with taking pictures and being behind the cameras. It may not come across like that, but… I’m kind of camera shy. So, I don’t really know about modeling. I could do better with maybe speaking, maybe some public speaking engagements, or something like that. But, I think I’d be kind of scared to model.

Are you working on any exciting projects that you want to tell our readers about? I am. Right now, I’m working on some children’s books. I’m a school teacher , so it kind of came natural for me to write some of the things that I’ve encountered with some of the kids that I’ve worked with, specifically one little girl that I’ve worked with. I had her when she was in second grade and then again when she was in fifth grade. I noticed as I was completing her cumulative file that she started with this big beautiful smile, and then through the course of her childhood educational days, she lost it. So, I talked with her, and I talked to her parents about what really caused her to lose the smile. It kind of inspired me to write about it. So, I started writing some children’s books. The title of the series is “How the Little Girl lost her Smile”. It’s about how children experiences things in their childhood that actually causes them to lose these innocent beautiful smiles that they start out with, and how they regain them back. They are picture storybooks. There are going to be five different series.  I’m going to explore that topic. So, that’s what I’m working on now. I’d love to get out and read them to the kids, and share them once they’re done and published. I’d love to just go out and talk to kids, and engage in conversation about children staying happy and staying strong through the educational process because it’s not like it used to be when I was going to school. Kids have it hard with all the bullying and things that go on in the home. This society has a hole. It’s more difficult for children these days to have a positive experience in school. So if I can teach them that, it would make me very happy.

Do you realize how much of a role model you are to so many ladies out here through the show? Well you know … I do. A lot of people and a lot of young ladies come in. They contact me, and come up to me on the street. It’s a very humbling thing. I didn’t set out to be a role model per say. I do what I do in the classroom, and I was kind of just limited to that. But as I told my story and women connected with me, I do understand that now. I am a role model and I take it very seriously. Like I said, it’s very humbling. I hope that it’s something that someone sees or hears, and it will enlighten them. It will inspire, or encourage somebody. Then my big screen début won’t be in vain.

I guess you see that women on the media are commenting on your social strengths, how does that make you feel? It makes me feel good. It makes me feel like… other women can relate to me, and my story. It kind of comforts me in some ways because I think that there is strength in numbers. When you realize that other women are going through the same thing that you’re going through, it gives you a sense of peace to know that other people are going through the struggle and can relate to it.

What do you want your legacy to be?  I just want to show women that it’s very important that they need to be respected, and to stand up for themselves. Do not settle for less than what you want for your life. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions to get that. You do have to step back and walk away. At the end, you know. Even though I’m not there yet and I don’t know what my outcome will be, I’m prayerful and I’m trusting God that everything will work out exactly the way that He has it planned. So, it’s very important to trust yourself and to trust God, and have faith that everything will work out according to His plan.

You mentioned that you were a school teacher. You are definitely spiritually connected. How do you feel about them taking the bibles out of school, and then trying to implement it back in the schools? Well, you know I kind of go against the grain. I pray with my kids. With blessings, I’ve been in a situation where it has not come back to bite me in the butt. You’re really not supposed to incorporate any type of religious beliefs in a school setting. However, in these sixteen years, I have been lucky enough to pray with my kids. What I do is respect everyone’s space. Even though I’m a Christian, I respect everyone’s space. So, I allowed the space to pray. We talk about religions of other cultures. So, it’s a way that I kind of infuse it into the curriculum without getting in trouble. But, we do pray, you know. Kids pick up on your personality and they see what you do, they kind of follow behind it. They see me starting my day off with prayer, and they see all of my biblical sayings that decorate my room and my desk. They can kind of even just tell in the environment where my faith is centered.

Speaking of your children, what do your precious children think of being on TV? They seem to love it, and are naturals at it. Well Cali, she thinks’ she stole the show. She sees momma getting her make-up done. My make-up artist Dee Dee Kelly, she brushes Cali’s little eyebrows with the little eyebrow brush, and puts a little Vaseline type lip gloss on her lips. So, she feels like she’s getting her little hair and make-up done. My son, he’s really funny. He’s kind of shy. Cali is a little more outgoing then Justice is. But Justice is really good friends with La La’s son Tyann, and we’re both on the same network. So, they talk about their little reality shows, with “what are you going to say on yours and what I’m going to say on mines”. It’s funny that they do know that they are on TV. They are very aware of it, and they talk to their friends about it. But, they so don’t have the big head. My kids are really, really, humble. They just trip off seeing themselves on tv.

I love your chemistry, and the way your face lights up during your candied moments on there. I’ve seen your tears, and the way that you are adorning with your children. How does that make you feel now that the world gets to see inside your intimate setting? It’s all natural, and it’s all real. I love my kids. They are my greatest accomplishments and my biggest blessings. I’m so connected with them. I had Justice about three years after I lost my mom. I really do feel like he was a band-aid that just healed my heart. Then Cali came along, I always wanted a little girl. When she came along, her personality and spirit was just so uplifting and bubbly. She’s just perfect for me. I just love them to death. I think that it just comes across on TV, and it helps to allow other mothers to see the love and affection. Bonding with kids is so important especially at that young age.

What traits of yourself do you see in your children? They’re humble honest and trustworthy. They’re kind. They have kind spirits. They are very loving and affectionate. I see myself in both of them. Cali is a little Leo like me. She’s outgoing and sassy. She has that part of me. She likes to dress up and she likes to talk to people. She acts like a little me. She has a little Jayceon in her too because she has a little temper on her. She’s very strong willed, and you know Justice, he’s just sweet. He’s a very likeable child. Everybody likes him, and wants to be around him. He’s always invited over to everybody’s place for things. He is very behaved. He has his daddies little swag. He has swag. They both are the perfect blend of the both of us.

Give me two words that describe your relationship with the Game and why? I think that Jayceon and I are unique. I think that we’re enduring. Our relationship has been challenging. I think that there is definitely a love there, a chemistry that has kept us together all this time. That’s four or five; I’m good with my adjectives (Chuckles). I gave you a little more.

People look positively to the Obama’s with regards to relationships. I think similarly through your transparency; you as a woman are showing the world that African Americans do fight for healthy relationships. Yes! Absolutely! They are the couple that I admire the most. I love president Obama, and Michelle Obama. I look up to them. They are so inspirational to me. Michelle, she’s just like a class act. She is the woman that I admire the most outside of my mother. She is… Their relationship is so admirable the way that they raise their children, and the way that they govern themselves in their relationships, the way that they’ve been together and stood through the test of time. I hope to be where they are one day. They are the couple that I look up to, and aspire to be like.

What are your thoughts about the entertainment world today? I think that you have to be careful in it. I think as for me as a teacher, I see a lot of self esteem issues that arise in the entertainment industry for young girls, and our young men who see all those pictures of these women. Some of them are skinny. Some of them are beautiful, and some of them have all of these material things. It’s easy to get caught up in, and they want to be that. Our young boys are the same way you know. I try hard to teach my kids about character, and about being true to who you are. Stop looking at these other celebrities and stuff as your role model. Look to the Obama’s as a role model. I think it’s good and it has allowed a lot of our younger generation the opportunity to prosper, and at the same time with all the social media and stuff, and all the bullying that I see because of it, sometimes it’s not that good.

Do you see yourself doing more TV? You know, I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do as far as the tv is concerned. Like I said, right now I’m focusing on doing my books and getting that project off. I’m not against it at all. I just don’t know exactly where God is going to lead me. I’m willing to go as long as it’s positive and it’s something that’s going to be positive for me, the people that I’ve grown to like and appreciate the process, as well as my kids. I’m okay with it.

Do you have a release date set for your book? I’m finishing up the last three. I’m hoping for the end of the year if not the first of next year.

We know that this is a reality series; do you have any down time because it is a lot of work preserving that poise on and off the set? Absolutely, it is a lot of work for me because I have a full time job. I didn’t set out to be a reality tv star. I really didn’t. This is something that is very new to me, and I am learning on the job. So, this is all new to me. Some people, they want to be on television. They grew up and that was their dream to be on tv, to go to Hollywood and be on the movies. So, I totally get it but that wasn’t something that I set out to do. Jayceon and I set out to document our wedding. So, I signed up for three or maybe four episode, TV experience where I was just going to document us getting married. Then I decided to call the wedding off, and it spun into all of this. So, I am just learning on the job. I am no expert at all.

Most women enjoy retail therapy, what is it that you like doing to relieve tension and stress? I like to get away and kind of relax, be by myself, read. I do like to shop, so I am like other women. You know I do like to go to the mall and shop. I like to travel, go different places, lie out on the beach, and relax to get away from it all, after I finish shopping.

There are a lot of women that will try to immolate your style because they look up to you. What are some of your favorite styles that you prefer? Well, you know, I’m a California girl. You know I like to wear comfortable and casual clothes. I like maxi dresses, I like flip flops on the regular everyday basis. Now, when I go out, I like to dress kind of sexy on the top maybe covered up on the bottom type outfit. I try to keep myself in good shape, and I try to pretty much wear anything. I love a sexy pair of heels, and a sexy pair of sandals. But, an everyday Monday through Friday at work, I’m pretty casual because I like to get down and dirty with the kids. You know I’m a mom. I like to wear functioning casual, hip, and cute little outfits. I don’t do too much, nothing too much unless I’m going out. When I go out I like to pull myself together and look really nice.

When you go out, is there anything in particular that you like to do that normal moms do now that you are in the limelight? Well, when I’m with my girlfriends, I like to go to lounges, nice restaurants that have jazz music. I just kind of hang out. I like outdoor cafes. I like to sit out in the sun, relax, and have margaritas, stuff like that. With my kids, we do everything. We go to movies. We go to street fairs. I keep them entertained. My kids are very activity oriented. They always like to do something. I try to keep them as busy as possible. They are involved in a lot of activities. Justice plays basketball and Karate. Cali is into ballet and dance. So, I’m always running around with them somewhere.

Once the series is over, will you be doing anything else outside of your books? I’m going to do my books, and  I’m also working with my aunt. She has a breast cancer foundation. I hold that cause very near to my heart. I lost my mother and my grandmother, as well as countless numbers of people in my family to cancer. So I’m working with her to get the word out there about early detection for breast cancer. So, I’m working on that and my books. I’m also going back to work. So, I’m getting back into the classroom. They have a waiting list for my class. They are ready for me to come back to work. I can’t leave my principle. My principle and my school district have been very understanding through this whole process. So, I’m dedicated to my job and I’ll be going back to work in September. I will not quit my day job for a reality show. You know how people say, “Don’t quit your day job!” Well, I’ve been working for a very long time. It’s been like sixteen years of teaching, you know in ten more years, I’ll be retiring with a nice little pension. I haven’t come this long way to quit.

What do you teach? I have a multi-subject credential. So, I can teach anywhere from kindergarten to twelfth grade. But, I’m kind of tied to third grade. I’ve taught second, third, fifth, and seventh, but I like the little ones. I like third grade. So, this year I’ll be back teaching third.

What would you like to leave behind for your fans and readers? Respect yourself, honor yourself, and listen to that inner voice. Listen to that little voice that’s speaking to you because that’s going to lead you in the right direction. Whatever it’s telling you to do, honor that. If you don’t respect yourself, and you don’t honor that voice, you can’t blame anybody but yourself. I just want to say “Thank you.” I feel very humbled by the situation. I feel honored to have been chosen to be a voice for so many people that don’t have one. I just want to say, “Thank you”.

For more information on Tiffany Cambridge, please follow her on Instagram, @LoveTiffney, or, @LoveTiffney.



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