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A Star on the Horizon: Nia Holloway!

“The feeling of music is more than an expression of sound,

it is a compassionate thought carried by a note.”

                                                       —-Nia Holloway

UT got a chance to meet and talk to Ms Holloway at a Back to School Drive she was a celebrity guest at. Early this morning, she quietly came into the facility, her smile  acknowledging the children and those nearby, ready to engage!

Being born in Harvey, Illinois, at an early age it was already destined that  Nia Holloway would make a joyful noise to all she came in contact with, sharing her gift and sweet spirit!

UT: Welcome, welcome welcome!! Looks like you’ve got some big things going on! We wanted to touch base with you and see how things are going, and find out what you have in the works right now!!

Nia: Well right now I’m starring in “The Lion King”, and I’m fortunate to be the youngest actress to play the part of Nala in the production. And I’m also working on my new single, while I’m on the road touring with the play. I’ve got a lot things going on, a lot of great opportunities, including this event with the kids, yeah!

UT: That’s great to hear! We see that you are definitely involved in a lot of things right now, and actually you’ve been doing this for awhile… since five years old!! A child prodigy! I mean wow!

Nia: Yes! (laughing) I’ve been singing since five years old, and then in dance classes, but when I was 11, I knew I wanted to entertain, so I was practicing, and going out to audition after auditions, and hard work definitely pays off!

UT: Well, we also note that you come from a strong lineage long line of entertainers, care to share that with our readers?

Nia: Yes, my Great Grandmother Sylvia Shemwell sang with Sweet Inspirations, and also background singer for Elvis Pressley, and my Grandmother, Loleatta Holloway is an “International Diva(lol), so yes a long, long, long line of entertainers.

UT: So let me ask you this, is that what inspires you got you into the business, that history? Keeping you driven toward what you want to do?

Nia: Yes, definitely!  My family has everything to do with me to do music. I mean, in anything you do, you must have reasons to do anything, so my family is the reason. They really keeps me going, especially when things get hard, especially with me on the road, you always have to look back to what inspires you, so family really does that for me!

UT: Well, that says a lot too! It seems like your family keeps you grounded as well, especially as long as you’ve been in the business, has done outstanding work as well, its great that they keep you grounded.

Nia: Thank you! And your family will definitely keep you humble too!

UT: (Laughing) this is true! You’ve also done work with several major entertainers, as we look over your background, multi talented individuals. Where do you see yourself in the next five years, your goals?

Nia: The next five years, is to see myself putting my foot in everything. I want to do TV, also work on my music career. I can see myself with an album out, touring, movies, a little bit of everything. Hey the sky’s the limit!!

UT: Gotcha, well, you’ve got to tell us, as the one casted as the youngest actress to play Nala in The Lion King, how did you gain such a great opportunity? That show is phenomenal, rave reviews and running here in Charlotte, great audiences and turnout….how did you do it?

Nia: Well they held open auditions in Atlanta, GA, and I went there to try for the part, then I got a call to come to a last audition held in New York, so I went to that as well. Then three weeks after that I received the call that I got the part. The auditions in New York were a three day audition, which let me know that this was the “real deal” this is a big girl job! It a dream come true, a blessing, but it’s also humbling, because to be the youngest actress to accomplish this and obtain this role. I mean, no other words can describe it, truly humbling.

UT: If you had the opportunity to share with other that are trying to follow in similar footsteps, that have the talent, but do not know maybe the ways and means, what type of advice would you share with them?

Nia: Take your craft very seriously. Don’t want to do it “sometimes.” If this is really what you want if it’s your dream, put your all into it. Don’t get discouraged, especially if you hear “NO.” You’re going to hear a lot of “NO”  in this business, for this big “YES” I got for this role, I heard a lot of “NO” as well. Stay grounded and believe in you, be fearless. Fear is easy to conquer, as long as you believe in you!

UT: That’s interesting, because that is actually your mantra as well?

Nia: Yes my mantra is “Fearless” Dream big, Love hard, be Fearless!

UT: Thank you Nia for the opportunity to share your accomplishments with our family!

Nia: Thank you!

To learn more about this amazing young lady, visit:



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