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Eyes Open


A rhythm or heartbeats paced by time,

Someone to actually be called mine.

To mean a future, a fortune of love,

To crest and ease all the above.

Tortured emotions exposed once more,

Trusted words by “this” so called “love.”

Who is this he to be claimed King?

A man with a heart the loves me.

Abused and battered, torn by pain,

Only the remains of a used to be claim.

Repeatedly connected by the head below,

Only to be labeled as an everyday hoe.

“Can’t turn a hoe into a housewife”

Was no ordinary remedy

But I guess  its done out of (Stew-pid-die-tea)

Swooping in to take you off your two grown feet,

He flies south, only to find what he seeks.

Tampered emotions once again  broken,

You tell the one person who’s constantly choking…

Wishing slowly that your delusional state will

Pass by as reality takes….

But only you seek comfort in the wrong place.

To be faced again with the same fate.

Dragged away and captivated by the strong

Hold off this man.

Now that you see clearly, you’re at it again!

Why must you prolong this pain that you endure to yourself?

Have a seat my young woman,

And understand you can do twice as good as any man.

Don’t depend or have dependency on him,

For some only seeks what lays between the sheets

Do you comprehend me?

© Keyona Clark


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