Urban Tymes Media

"Got Tymes?"


“Hey mommie I’m here! Can’t you see our FUTURE?

I’m sorry to have brought you minor pains, but at least I make you rest more.

I’m sorry I make you sick, but some things you should eat less of…

Hey mommie, wait!

What is this feeling?

It burns…

It hurts…

It’s sickening…

Mommie how old are you?

Are you young? I am too…

But mommie my oxygen! It’s getting harder to breath!

A life I was never given, MOMMIE please!

I’m sorry to have let you down…

I promise to behave, no more pain, not even a kick…

I promise no more being sick!





It’s time for me to go, sorry to have left you it’s not my fault …

I fought. Well, I’m sorry we’re young; but I must say “FAIRWELL”_________.








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