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“Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day”


Young Rome..building his empire!

I got the opportunity to speak to the man hailed as “Young Rome” one afternoon. He was getting things ready to hit the studio and prepare for the weekend, as he was to share the stage with Young Jeezy.

To learn about him is definitely no mystery, and he does not try to hide or place fault in regards to his life.  He grew up in a single parent home with his younger brother, both raised in the streets and lived in several sections of Cincinnati. He notes that his hunger for a better life in the city is prevalent in his music. That same hunger and aggression lead to him defeating MCs via his lyrical ability, yet also resulted in a short prison sentence. This led him down a different path, shifting gears to a basketball scholarship, but his hunger for battle remained, bringing him back to the forefront for his city, releasing his first mixtape,  “Behind the Bars.” His music stems from real life experience, no stretched out stories as he tells it. Just the real.

UT: Man Whats going on! Appreciate the opportunity and you getting with us today!

YR: Thank you for the opportunity as well!

UT: It sounds like you are making a buzz in the Cincy area!

YR: Definitely, just trying to grind and get it, working hard right now, promoting my  mixtape “Rome wasn’t Built In a Day”

UT: It is interesting that you mentioned that title, “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day.” What was the concept behind that title?

YR: Well, my real name is Roman, so that of course adds to the title of my mixtape. But really, anything that is good, or the grind that is needed to be successful, it’s going to take time. Just like the Roman Empire, one of the most powerful empires during that time, it took a long time for them to get that powerful, to get to that greatness. Just like my music, it’s not built in one day, but going to take time to be great!

UT: You hail from Cincinnati, what have been your major influences to your craft there?

YR: Growing up in Cincinnati, makes you want to do more, to be more than where you are.  My family has moved me, and where I want to go. In my life, nothing has ever been just given to me, and it shouldn’t be that way anyway. If you want something or want to do better, you go get it, do what you have to do to be successful, to get where you want to be!

UT: Tell us about the single, “It’s Only Right.” It seems that you sound hungry on this track, like there was more in this track than meets the eye.

YR: It’s Only Right” When I did this,  I was feeling like, if you want to get this, to do better, to get this cash, to rock at these shows, its only right! Everybody says that term, and I really wanted to create a club banger that motivates the crowds, the people when they hear it… so “It’s Only Right” that I come up with this one!

UT: How important is it so represent where you are from Rome?

YR: It’s real important! The city doesn’t have a big representation here, and people are so used to hearing the negative about Cincinnati area, the violence,  the crime. But there is more here in the city, there is talent here that is ready to show who we are and what we can do. The way this city has showed me love, “It’s Only Right” that I rep this city to the fullest.

UT: If you had an opportunity to collab with an artist today, who would it be?

YR: Man, I’d appreciate the opportunity to work with anybody that is happening now. I really look to TI, Rick Ross, Meek Mills, there is so many great artists out there. What I’m doing now, is focusing solely on my work, my music, seriously getting out there, so one day, an artist like those guys will want to come and kick it with me.

UT: So what can we be on the lookout for in the future from Young Rome?

YR: Be on the lookout for “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day” Pt 2 Mixtape. Videos of my work on WorldstarHipHop very soon, and tours to get my music out and people to know Young Rome!

To follow Young Rome as he climbs higher to build his Hip Hop Empire, visit him at:



513youngrome on Twitter



One comment on ““Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day”

  1. Bout Dat Life Radio
    November 6, 2013

    ayee!! shout out to young rome!! catch his music on boutdatliferadio.com

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