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Hard Knock Life

Poetess Keyona Clark!

Poetess Keyona Clark!

Dope, Money,

Indecent women calling…. Shhh…

Drown out that life!                                                                                                                                                                    Oh, you done got high and it’s calling you right?

Shhh… Naw son, don’t let it!

If you could walk away from it, or get dragged in, would you let it?

Just being embedded into a life where you could end up dead…

at the Hard Knock Life…

To be laid down, it’s like the Russian mob.

They seek the naïve to run the streets.

You gotta fight it even though you don’t be the same authenticity as me…

Whether you’re Black, White, or Hispanic.

You gotta be a soldier…

You see, LIFE aint easy, and building yourself up just to adjust, has sharp corners.

Even for me…

Dang, I just pray not to be stabbed to death while  traveling through

this hard knock life.

Keyona Clark ©



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