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dexzJT: Thanks for taking time to chat with us at UT mag| CALI we are sooo appreciative of your time, how are you today?


JT: Tell us who is DOSSA?

Dossa: I grew up in East Oakland CA and later moved out to Antioch CA to finish my last two High school years but I will never forget my roots, and appreciate all they have helped to instill in me. I am an entertainer, mother, sister, cousin, friend and woman! I love to perform whether it is singing, acting, dancing, modeling, hosting events etc. My mother always told me I was animated but I never dreamed at an early age that I would be here at this space in my life, living my passions. I also love to help other people in their creative journey’s and its fulfilling to be inspired by others such as you and give inspiration as well.

JT: As I know you’re super busy on many projects around the Bay Area but is there any specific place we can link up with you and catch a live performance or at open mic night?

Dossa: I am preparing for upcoming events in 2014. But please make sure to stay connected to my website www.dossaentertainment.com for upcoming shows and projects because in this business – things tend to just “POP up” at any given moment. You can also catch me on the Pharaoh Films Show as a host every 4th Sunday at 11:00am on KOFY TV 20 starting Dec. 29th 2013.

JT: Tell us, what inspired you to start your music?

Dossa: While completing my first debut album “On The Contrary” released in June 2011, I kept in mind when I was in grade school, my friends and I would have fun on the school yard pretending to be TLC or EnVogue and we would actually change the words of the song to something about food. (ex. Baby Baby Baby would be Chicken Chicken Chicken). I believe this is when I begin to love singing and find my voice. I enjoyed being creative, thinking outside the box as well as dancing.  My parents always held parties at the house and would play old school music and til this day I love the music from their time and actually prefer to listen to it more often than today’s music. I was continuously inspired by my late Aunt Estella Childress to pursue my signing and to never give up! My family is always very supportive and encouraging and is a huge part of my inspiration.

JT: Who are your musical inspirations?

Dossa: I love.. love… love me some Patti Labelle – her voice is just magnificent and she exudes confidence and has been through so many trials in the music industry. Levert, Luther Vandross, Temptations, New Edition, Erykah Badu, Jennifer Hudson and Ledisi are all musical inspirations and I hope to be as blessed to have longevity in the music industry as they have.

JT: If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?


Dossa: That’s a tough question because I cannot imagine not singing. But I know I would be involved in some area of performing arts. Dancing or Acting to fulfill my creative spirit J while helping others fulfill there’s in some way.

JT: Tell us about your acting debut and indie film roles

Dossa: My first acting debut happened on stage at the historical Black Reparatory Theater in 1994 in Berkeley CA with the Young Peoples Performance Group. From there I knew I loved to perform on stage and I was given the opportunity to dance, sing and act in the production entitled “the Black Experience”. In 2007, I audition for a role in a Gospel Stage Play entitled “On Both Sides of the Wall: The Two Way Struggle directed and produced by TJ Windham, where we premiered three days at the Lecher Center of the Arts in Walnut Creek in 2008 and one day in Sacramento CA in 2009.

In 2012, I made my first film debut in a short movie entitled “Cover” directed by Christopher Ellis of Ceezar Films, written and produced by Nick and Nina Benn. That same year I was in production for a full feature film entitled “The Shop” Written, Directed and Produced by Michael Shawn Cunningham of Black Floor Entertainment that featured stellar actors from the Bay Area as well as Ms. I Love New York herself from VH1. The film premiered at Rialto Cinemas in Berkeley CA in early 2013 and landed at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, CA.

In addition, I also played a small role in the feature film Basketball 3:16 starring Brian Hooks and various top talents from the Bay area as well. Currently, I am working on two productions slated to release in 2014. A Web series entitled “The Dirty”, Written, Directed and Produced by Michael Shawn Cunningham and a full feature film called “Selling Dreams” written, produced and directed by Pharaoh Powell of Pharaoh Films. Please be on the lookout for those two projects.

JT: I stay busy, myself but I hear buzz about a reality show, what a way to put the Bay Area on the map, what’s your participation with that?

Dossa: I know you do Ms. Phresh Ta Def! LOL Are we speaking this into existence? I am not working on a reality show at this time; however, I look forward to future projects J I am currently a host on KOFY TV 20 with the Pharaoh Films Show where we cover different events in the bay area and interview different business holders, actors, authors and musicians. This new experience can certainly be a reality show all in itself J

JT: I’m excited about your growth, what’s next for you? Are you auditioning for anything mainstream?

Dossa: Thank you! I am excited as well! Next up, I am working on my new EP along with a premier showcase to launch my new music. In addition I am working on my scholarship program for youth who are in the performance arts field and want to pursue acting, singing or dancing as a major or minor in college. I want to ensure that no matter what I do in life, that I give back. At this time, I am not auditioning for anything mainstream, but I have done that in the past from American Idol to America’s Got Talent and I enjoyed it each time.

Thank you so much for having me and allowing me to share my thoughts and feelings with you! And I just want to tell anyone who is feeling like they can’t do something they love to do, to – GO FOR IT! We are blessed in this life with talents and everyone has one or two or three or maybe even four or five! But anything is possible when you believe in yourself and work hard to get what you want!! Fear – is inevitable but use it as your trampoline to catapult yourself into making your dreams come true!


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